Did you know? - Lidar and robot vacuums

December 8, 2022 Claudia

🤖❓Did you know? ❓🤖

Robot vacuums are increasingly using LiDAR for navigation and obstacle avoidance. Vacuums from brands like Wyze and Roborock, for example, can actually identify the kinds of obstacles they encounter (like differentiating a shoe from a child's toy) and better navigate around them.

Whiz is programmed to avoid "people, glass walls, cliffs, and other hazards." Because of the high price, the brand is marketing the vacuum to offices, positioning the product as a replacement to a cleaning staff. The vacuum can cover up to 1400(15 000 square feet) on a single charge. 

source: https://us.softbankrobotics.com/whiz

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