Did you know? LiDAR and Medicine

June 16, 2023 Déborah

❓Did you know? ❓

💡 Some smartphones can be used to detect heart disease. As we saw last time, iPhones now come with 3D LiDAR technology. But did you know that recently the LiDAR sensors of your iphone have made it possible to discover coagulation thanks to a single drop of blood! This is because the laser produces distinctive "speckled patterns", since the light is scattered in the liquid according to its viscosity. According to the researchers, it suffices to use the LiDAR sensor on a single drop of blood placed on a glass slide to detect coagulation. Other studies are also looking at lasers to detect changes in blood flow using the front camera…

Source: https://www.slate.fr/story/244025/votre-telephone-peut-detecter-signes-maladies-cardiaques-sante-innovations


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