Did you know? LiDAR & Cycling

April 21, 2023 Déborah

Did you know?❓

💡 A reflective jacket created by Urban Circus and Continental allows cars equipped with LiDAR to recognize and detect a cyclist over 300 meters away! Indeed, the jacket has a retroreflective fabric made up of thousands of glass microbeads that reflect light both day and night. The car's LiDAR sensors, thanks to the retro-reflective parts of the jacket, are thus able to recognize that it is a human and therefore determine the level of risk according to the trajectory of the vehicle. If the driver has not reacted quickly enough after the obstacle detection warning, the AEB (Autonomous Emergency Breaking) function is activated to generate automatic emergency braking. Once again, LiDAR is at the heart of improving road safety!

Source: https://www.3bikes.fr/2022/10/24/detectable-la-seule-veste-pour-cyclistes-visible-par-les-cameras-embarquees-des-voitures/

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