Did you know? Mayan remains & LiDAR

February 17, 2023 Déborah

Did you know that

💡It is in the world of archeology that LiDAR shines in recent days. Indeed, it is in the north of Guatemala that hundreds of Mayan remains were discovered at the beginning of the year 2023. Dating from 1000 BC until the year 150, these extraordinary archaeological discoveries – cities, villages, pavements, infrastructures – were brought to light thanks to LiDAR technology combined with cartography. This is one more discovery that is made possible thanks to LiDAR! LiDAR reveals major historical sites in the history of civilizations. 


LiDAR analyses in the contiguous Mirador-Calakmul Karst Basin, Guatemala: an introduction to new perspectives on regional early Maya socioeconomic and political organization | Ancient Mesoamerica | Cambridge Core


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