Did you know? LiDAR and Volvo

February 24, 2023 Déborah

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💡 LiDAR is very widely used by self-driving car manufacturers, almost all of whom use its capabilities for their vehicles. It is the turn of the famous Swedish car brand, Volvo, to use this technology for its “zero deaths” objective. Indeed, since the 1960s, the Swedish giant has multiplied technological advances in order to achieve its objective of road safety with its vehicles. Since 2020, LiDAR technology has helped Volvo in preventing fatal accidents with its cars. Millions of laser pulses are emitted to detect the presence of objects while scanning the environment in 3D, all creating a temporary map in real time. Thus, the on-board computer is able to detect objects and calculate their distances within a 360 degree radius – helping the car to anticipate possible accidents. LiDAR is also synonymous with road safety!


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