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February 8, 2023 Déborah

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Recently, the Spanish railway company, Renfe, has faced a technical problem on its new trains. The arrival of the new vehicle models on its rails in Asturias and Cantabria has been delayed due to an incident regarding the size of these new trains. Indeed, their size is too large to cross certain tunnels present in this area…

This kind of error can be tragic and this is not the first time that this has happened in the rail industry. But we know that this kind of study is necessarily complex to carry out and really time-consuming: required and specific equipment to carry out surveys -  field measurements requiring closing the tracks -  long analysis of the results... So many obstacles that encourage to try to do without this analysis… And this is precisely why the deeptech TheCrossProduct has developed a technology that greatly facilitates this kind of study in order to help network managers!

Railway Clash Detection, TheCrossProduct

Our innovative technology makes it possible to carry out this study automatically from a simple 3D lidar survey. This means that all you need is a 3D point cloud of the rail network and the train profile gauge. This digital twin of the axis is then automatically analyzed by our algorithms. Our railway clash detection study solution thus makes it possible to identify all the risks of collision on a large scale, automatically, quickly and precisely, allowing railway operators to reduce their management costs, increase knowledge and safety of the network and improve its operation and maintenance.


Want to know more? Discover our product Railway Clash Detection allowing to detect the risks of collisions within a rail infrastructure and thus, prevent these incidents!


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