Did you know? LiDAR and Voliera project

June 30, 2023 Déborah

 ❓Did you know?  ❓

💡 Railway signaling and geolocation systems are increasingly interested in 3D LiDAR. Indeed, the Voliera project,  (Video Odometry with LIdar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications), led by ESA and Hitachi Rail STS, addresses the aim to develop an innovative train positioning system based on the fusion of measurement data coming from different sensors and technologies. Thus, LiDAR technology is at the heart of the project in order to improve the train positioning system…

Source: https://navisp.esa.int/news/article/Improving%20ERTMS%20Application%20using%20LIDAR%20and%20EGNSS%20data


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