Use Case - Railway Gauge Study

Anticipate and prevent the risk of collisions thanks to 3D LiDAR technology and AI!

In recent years, we have witnessed many incidents on European railways due to poor rail gauge study. We have the French example of the SNCF in 2014 with the arrival of new train models which did not correspond to the size of the platforms of certain stations in Ile-de-France. More recently, at the start of 2023, we also have the Spanish example of RENFE with the problem of the size of trains that did not pass certain tunnels in the provinces of Asturias and Cantabria in northern Spain. However, anticipating and avoiding these inconveniences is possible…

Thanks to 3D LiDAR technology combined with artificial intelligence, it is possible to check safety distances, assess the size of a gauge on a railway infrastructure and thus anticipate possible risks of collisions, all using a 3D template on a point cloud!

TheCrossProduct carries out these railway gauge studies! Automatic measurements, assessments of safety distances, testing of different 3D railway gauges, a complete, precise and fast study!

Example of railway gauge study:

2022 09 Railway app clash detection - gabarit shot_4 960px
2022 09 railway app clash detection - galery 2 960px

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